Myndful Snacks

Our Story

For years, I searched for natural remedies to optimize my mental health as I suffered from a number of things like anxiety, sleep issues, and irritability due to my diet and fast-paced stressful corporate lifestyle. After seeking the guidance of professional herbalists and MD’s that specialized in functional medicine, I experienced firsthand how optimizing my nutrition and supplementing with various herbal remedies supported my mood, sleep, focus, and overall stress levels. I decided to take what I learned and give a food product, the nutrition bar, a major upgrade because...well, it needed one.

I was on a mission to remove stuff like added sugar, gluten, and dairy proteins that cause inflammation and brain fog. To take it a step further, I infused it with over 1400mg of three of my favorite and most powerful adaptogens and nootropics: Ashwagandha for stress relief, Lion's Mane mushroom for cognition, and an amino acid L-theanine for relaxation and focus.

Between the raw food and adaptogens, this bar is formulated to boost your mood. I’m excited for you to #bemyndful, too.

—Brett, Founder/CEO