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A nutrition bar formulated to reduce stress and improve focus.

The Adaptogen Superfood Bar

The world’s first nutrition bar

formulated to combat

stress and improve focus.*

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A plant based nutrition bar made out of dates.

A plant-based bar

for a calm and focused mind.

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A plant-based nutrition bar enhanced by ashwagandha, lion's mane, and L-theanine.


by Ashwagandha,
& Lion's Mane

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Stress Less, Focus More

Each bar contains over 1400mg of 3 well researched adaptogenic ingredients that help your body become more resilient to stress and improve focus when you need it the most!

Our Adaptogens and Nootropics ✨

L-Theanine benefits


calms the mind,
promotes relaxation*


Ashwagandha Benefits


reduces stress,
centers the body and mind*


Lion's Mane Mushroom Benefits

Lion's Mane

promotes focus,
increases mental sharpness*


Clean Nutrition

Myndful Adaptogen Superfood Bar Nutrition
Adaptogens and Superfoods


Adaptogen Superfood Bar Review
Surprisingly delicious and satisfying! Being mindful of food choice is usually time consuming and takes a toll on the taste buds, but these bars make it easy on the brain and the buds. Vegan, 10g of protein and under 200 calories?! Ticks all my boxes.

– Matt C

Adaptogen Superfood Bar Review
It was the perfect balance of crunchy and chewy. Also, it was not overly sweet but sweet enough. I felt "up" all day, too, which was a nice change from the pandemic blues.

– Sara G

Adaptogen Superfood Bar Review
My favorite thing about the Myndful Cacao Brownie Crunch bar is the texture. The crunchy cacao nibs and provide the perfect balance against the delicious chewy chocolate brownie like bar. This adaptogen superfood bar is full of high quality ingredients that not only taste delicious, but also leave me feeling good. Making this part of my daily morning routine was the best decision I've made for my taste buds and mood.

– Alyssa B

Adaptogen Superfood Bar Review
You could easily think this nutrition bar was a decadent dessert! I love the natural vegan ingredients and the balance between the sweetness, chewiness, and crunchiness was spot on. Not only was it a tasty treat, but it actually made me feel more relaxed and focused shortly after eating it! The calming but non-drowsy effect it had on me was wonderful! How many bars can you say have these many benefits and makes you feel noticeably better afterwards?

– Anne J

Myndful Adaptogen Superfood Bar


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